Winners Vs Losers

What are the qualities of a winner? What differentiates it as against a loser? Do you want to become a winner and avoid being a loser?

Here are some of the qualities of a winner vs. a loser:

A winner is always part of the answer.
A loser is always part of the problem.

Losers always complain and complain. They never stop. The reason their “issues” persist is that they can’t stop talking about it. Winners recognize problems but instead of complaining about them, in conversations, they talk about solutions. They talk about how to resolve the problem and they always think of ways to come up with a solution. A winner sees an answer to any problem while a loser sees a problem for any answer.

A winner always has a plan.
A loser always has an excuse.

A winner plans ahead of time. Winners set goals and targets and walk they way towards achieving it. However, losers always blame others and not themselves. They blame the lack of opportunity for their financial and economic status. They blame the traffic when they come late in the office. They can give any possible excuse that they can get.

A winner says: “It may be difficult but it’s possible”
A loser says: “It may be possible but it’s too difficult.”

Winners are strong to face the challenges that lies ahead when achieving their goals. They are positive minded. They are determined and confident to reach their goals. They usually have mentors who are successful and these mentors serve as inspiration for them. They say that if these people have achieved it, why can’t I? They always say: “I CAN DO IT!” However, losers are concentrated not on the possibility of reaching their goals but on the challenges and hindrance that they see in achieving these goals. They fail to acknowledge that discomfort and sacrifices are key ingredients to success. They say “It’s too difficult!” or “I can’t do it!” They are afraid of taking risks. And so they end up stale and not growing.

A winner says: “How can I afford it?”
A loser says: “I can’t afford it!”

Winners portray the attitude of Rich Dad of Robert Kiyosaki. It’s all about beliefs, attitudes and habitual language. When it comes to money, winners say that lack of money is the root of all evil. They say: “How can I afford it?” They open their minds and think of legal ways and means on how can they afford things that they like. On the other hand, losers say that money is the root of all evil. They say “I can’t afford it” and the list of excuses goes on again. They are closing their minds to opportunities.

In the end, winners are role models. They are hungry for growth and excellence. Their will power is so strong that they are so determined to reach their goals. They always put their best foot forward in every endeavor that they do. However, losers remain stale. They are not determined. They always blame others and give excuses. They don’t grow because they are afraid of risks.

Sometimes, we are winners but other times, we are losers. Which between the two qualities do you possess most of the time? Are you a winner or a loser?

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One thought on “Winners Vs Losers

  1. ni copy paste je dari website atas tuh.. rasa menarik untuk dikongsi and very inspirational…

    HOpe orang lain pon terinspired jugak..

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