Idols of Today

People always think that their family is safe from idolatry. Tapi Nabi Ibrahim yang dapat Nabi Ismail yang sangat patuh tu pun keep berdoa agar dia dan keturunannya terpelihara dari menyembah berhala. (Ibrahim: 36)



Nabi Ibrahim sangat risaukan tentang penyembahan berhala. We dont have that problem right now. We dont have statue and big cross being worship openly. Setiap zaman ada berhalanya. Zaman ni kita tak kan nampak orang islam sembah patung dan sebagainya macam kita bayangkan masa zaman Rome tu, sembah Zeus, Athena, Hades, Poseidon etc. Tapi, kita faham tak sebenar-benar maksud berhala atau Idol nih?


An Idols today is something you worship, something your heart is always associated with, and something you think about all the time, something that replaces the place of Allah in your heart. Well, let’s look around…. honestly, what in our daily life have these descriptions?

Look at us, at all time what are we holding on to? What we filled our time with? Technologies have become new idols in this generation.



Islam perlu menjadi agama yang penuh kesedaran. Bukan sekadar menjalankan beberapa ritual keagamaan seperti solat jumaat, solat terawikh dan sebagainya. Bukan sekadar memakai tudung dan jubah. We should practice Islam from the core. We should ensure that our akidah is strong and we really understand the fundamental of Islam.

Most of the time, we as parent emphasizes the Fiqh part of Islam but not the Akidah. For example, We ask our kid to solah without introducing them to the Ultimate creator first. We ask our kid to recite Al Quran without emphasizing the meaning and how the stories in Quran should lead their life.


People nowadays only care about Money, Look and their gadgets. Our emotional get upset if we don’t have the latest Iphone or Samsung. We feel terrible if our dress or scarf are not branded as our friends, we feel bad if we cant get our kids latest version of PSP, we feel depressed if our car is outdated. We spent more time commenting in FB and whatapps then flipping through the Quran. Why is it so? Because we read Quran like it is a CORPSE. Like reading an artifact. We don’t feel relate to it. We think is it the boring stories of people of the past. We cant feel the magic of it as we don’t understand the language, so we don’t appreciate it.

And why is it we don’t understand the language? because we don’t have time to learn the language because our time have been filled with other thing. Things that already deviate us from our main purpose. We are so busy to get money. We don’t really believe that Allah will suffice. We always depend on our hardwork to ensure our need is fulfilled. We are so blinded by all this materialistic world. These Idols which we unknowingly  worshiped now.

We unintentionally  committing shirk to Allah. But we denied it as we are blinded and falsely believes that shirk is only done by worshiping idols in the form of STATUEs. Nauzudbillah… May Allah forgives us and lead us back to the right path.

We should cut the string to this worldly things. Doesn’t mean that we can not enjoy this life. But, we cant let our heart to be too dependent to it. We need to watch out our heart always. Put the Dunya in your hand, not in your heart.


Saya pun tengah berusaha untuk mengingatkan diri saya sehari2 tentang hal ini. Tengah berusaha untuk mendidik anak2 tentang mengEsakan Allah. Menanam Tauhid dalam diri mereka. Agak sukar kerana saya sendiri baru mula hendakmengenal Allah. Hati pun selama ini terlalu dibutakan dengan dunia. Cuma tetap berdoa agar masih tidak terlambat untuk mendekati Allah dan berharap agar tidak terperangkap dengan Islam yang tidak betul.

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