Knowing Hendra

I am a simple, idealistic, enthusiastic women who really loves reading and travelling. Spend most of my money on these two activities. Is a dedicated Community Pharmacist who serves Kampung Jawa residents in my own Farmasi Ideal. Even though my mainstream is an evidence-based medicine and pharmaceuticals, i am also passionate in healing process by usingĀ natural and gentler remedies such as herbs and supplements.

The ultimate goal of writing in this blog is to gain Allah’s bless and may it be my Sedekah Jariah which will be useful in akhirah later.

Always thanks Allah for all the goodness i ever and will receives.

Life is too short to waste on regretting something in the past, Let’s cherish every moment we have with a positive mind and attitude so that the wonder of life will arise from within ourselves


2 thoughts on “Knowing Hendra

  1. Hi Hen..very good reading it..feels like starting one on my own too..hehe..btw..all the best and pray for your family happiness always!!!

  2. thanks af… glad u enjoy it.. but ur hubby blog is the best lah kan.. yeay, why dont u start a blog too.. lot to tell and share rite?

    Good way to release ur emotional too…

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