I am Hendra. I am a Druggist. For those who unfamiliar with the term, it also means A Pharmacist.

I serves my community in Klang and owns a drug store. Blogging is just my way of filling up my time. I dont do it seriously, hence the frequency of me posting a new topic is very low. However, i like to share my experiences of opening my independent pharmacy, of handling my patients, of managing my psoriasis. I will keep writing post that is relevent to my community. My blog is not intended to sell anything. My blog is all about sharing knowledges.

Hope you will enjoy reading my blog. If you happened to need my consultation on anything, feel free to drop your question through my e-mail at hendrawati83@gmail.com.



One thought on “About

  1. Salam semua. Sy nak wujudkan perbincangan membina pasal cosway farmasi ini. Macam mana ya? Saya sangat berminat pasal benda ini.. Ini cantact email saya hardz_one@yahoo.com

    Harap dapat berdiskusi secepat mungkin

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