Knowing her spouse: Faris

Is a realistic man and always focus in whatever he do. Hold a degree in Civil Engineering but decided to have his own business instead.

Good-hearted man who always feels for others. Can’t stand to see other people suffers, he tend to help as much as he can.

Set up his own business since he was a student. His journey is full with obstacle and hurdle but yet he faced it with courages and smiles.

Now, he is one step forward in his business journey as he is in his way to open another printing shop outside UiTM. Very hardworking as he knows when you jump into business you’ll need to be very committed to it. As an understanding wife, Mummy Haris will support everything Papa Haris is doing.

Papa Haris is a very wise man when it come to money. He wont spent his money extravagantly. He’ll give a deep thought before buying something even though he can afford to buy it. He invest a lot instead of spending it on wasted branded item.

That is some profile of Papa Haris. Hope Haris will be proud to his dan and mum when he grows up.

Papa & Mummy pledge to be the greatest parent for Haris!!

(In God’s Will)

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