Haris’s English Journey : Week 1

Since beli pakej English Noddy di pesta buku kelmarin, kami terus memulakan  pengadaptasikan English environment kepada Haris. It’s only the day 2, but we can see the progress. We played the first CD repeatedly and he can now speak and sing along the song. How amazing the baby’s brain is. They are an amazing learner. The repetitive technique is truly works!

As for today, he can imitate few steps in the video and blurt out the word “car..car..car”. At first, when he saw the spotty dance the act of car, he didn’t respond. However, after I acted exactly like the character, he started to stand and imitate me. It’s really fun. I knew then, the parent must get involve to make this program work. No points putting your child in front of the TV but you are not there to guide him.

Last week, I taught him the word shoe by showing him his shoes. He seems to ignore me and I’m quite disappointed at that time. But, I continue to tell him the word every time I put it on him. Then, last Sunday, when we were about to go out, I said to him, ” Haris, where is your shoe?” without expecting any reaction from him. But to my surprise, he walked to his shoe, picked it up and gave it to me!!!.. I and my husband were hesitating as we can’t believe he can actually understand! What a wonderful moment…Since then, I knew that there’s a lot of potential in him that we can dig out and we just need to help him.

He understands few words such as ball, drink, eat, lion, car, kiss, hug, sit, up and maybe pray. Quite a lot for 1 year old baby. The best part is when we said “Lion”, he’ll immediately “Roars”…hahaha. My method is simple, I use a lot of expressions when talking and playing with him. Since his first toy is book, I can see that he’s always attracted to book and always ask me to read to him. That’s why I always bought new book for him as I’m happy to see his enthusiasm when he has new book.

I love to spent time with him and help him become smarter each day. I can proudly say that quitting my job is the best decision I’ve ever made!


3 thoughts on “Haris’s English Journey : Week 1

  1. The package is RM2198.. Tapi maybe u can check out Gotier punye jugak.. If ada book fair, you chek out both before decide. Akak haritu, tak pergi kat Gotier terus sign up Noddy.. hahahah.. my bad habit, tergesa-gesa…tapi, always works with what you’ve got!

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