Part time @ locum pharmacist

Semalam pergi interview as part time pharmacist di MyLife pharmacy Bukit Jelutong. As they are now really need a pharmacist, the interview is seems like just a formalities. Iv been accepted and ill work based on called. The rate per hour not different from what Guardian had offered me. It is RM 25/hour. So cheap as compared to doctors. But its ok.
For me, im not so into getting the money but rather the experience of working in retail that really matter. And at different places. Reason, every place has different demographic. Some at a very high end residents area, the choice of drugs is so extensive and might have all the patented drug. As compared to the outskirt area, youll see more generic drug compared to patented.
How to apply? Simple google the contact number of any pharmacy that you preferred, then ask whether they need part timer. If yes, then its your luck and maybe you can bargain the rate based on the experience you have.

Good luck!

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2 thoughts on “Part time @ locum pharmacist

    1. Dear Elina.
      Yes, it’s true that locum is not allowed. It’s our DG’s decision as back then, the locum pharmacist has not performed well in their hakiki works.
      However, if you are dare enough, you can actually still apply for part-time or locum in any independent or chain pharmacy. Guardian is hiring now. rate is good as well. RM25/hour..

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