Position to do stretchingAnother common problem faced by pregnant mum is back pain. I believe it’s a common scene to see a pregnant women to rub her belly and hold her back at the same time. Back pain and pregnancy just seem to go together!

So, what can we do to alleviate it?

Here are some tips:

1. Practice good posture : Stand up straight and tall, Keep your shoulder back and relaxed, choose a chair that support your back or place a small pillow at your low back.

2. Get A Right Gear: Low-heeled shoes with good arc support, maternity pant with low and supporting waistband.

3. Lift Properly : When lifting small object, squat down and lift with your leg. Better to ask for help. Well, that;s the advantage of being pregnant!!

4. Sleep On Your Side:  Sleep on your side, not your back. Keep one or both knees bent. It might also help to place one pillow between your knees and another under your abdomen, or use a full-length body pillow.

5. Try heat, cold or Massage : Use a heating pad to apply heat to your back, or alternate ice packs with heat. Rubbing your back also might help. Better yet, ask someone to rub your back for you or schedule a professional prenatal massage.

6. Include Physical Activity in Your Daily Life: Do simple exercise such as swimming or brisk walking. It’s good to relieve the back pain. Or You might also stretch your lower back. Rest on your hands and knees with your head in line with your back. Pull in your stomach, rounding your back slightly. Hold for several seconds, then relax your stomach and back — keeping your back as flat as possible. Gradually work up to 10 repetitions.

7. Complementary Therapy: Go for acupuncture or chiropractic. But remember to consult your health care provider first to ruled out any underlying cause of your backpain..

So, Mums…Hope you’ll find this helpful.. As for one thing that really help me to sooth the backpain is exercise. I do walking in the park 3 times a week and sleep on my side. It’s really help. Why don’t you try.. it’s not only good to relief the pain, but you’ll get to relax by meeting and chatting with other people..

~In Allah’s Will~


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