A new chapter


This is just another year for others but not for me.. It is a very special year as i am expecting a baby boy in May.. Already has a name for him.. Everyday is a great experience for me and my husband.

I learnt that it is a very good practice to write a journal during your pregnancy. It will help in modulating and stabilizing your emotion. So, i think, why not give it a try..

So, i think as t is on January, it’s not too late to start a blog. I am still thinking of what to write and a theme for my blog. But i guess i’ll just write whatever issue that pops out of my head..

I hope it wont turned out to be a crappy blog.. hopefully it can provides as many knowledge to share with others.

I hope one day, when irfan already able to read, he’ll be proud with what his mum did/wrote…

To my dearie Irfan…. I dedicate this blog for you…


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