My pregnancy experience: Constipation

Pregnancy is a unique experience for every mum. I do agree with this statement. I am so lucky to have an easy pregnancy. Why am i saying that? I don’t experience any morning sickness since i learnt that i’m pregnant. Most people will considered me lucky.

Most preggy mum will have their worst phase of morning sickness during their first trimester and reside after they entered he second trimester. Not little cases where preggy mum had worst phase on second or third trimester. It’s all depend on mum’s hormone.

As for me, my main problem is not nausea or vomiting ( which i thanks God so much!!), but constipation!! it’s really killing me. At first , it was the side effect of the blood-making meds (Iron, ferrous fumarate, Vit B Co).  I ask my doc to change the meds to Obimin. However, the problem still persist. As a pharmacist, i should know better that it can be countered by taking more water and vegetable but instead i contered it by stop taking the Obimin.. but, i cant be so selfish either. When i think about it, the meds is not only meant for me, but rather for the baby development. Worsen by family history of anemia, i know that the med is crucial to have healthy baby.

So, i start taking the Obimin back but instead of every day dose, i adjust it to every other day.. Hehehe.. i think no harm lah.. i’ll counter it with iron-riched food.

Now, at 25th week of pregnancy my constipation still persist but not as worse as before.  There are many ways to alleviate this problem naturally. Some people will go straight to pharmacological solution but not for me. I prefer to do it naturally.

Some beneficial and no cost method are :

  • Excercise.. many pregnant women thought that they should stop doing exercise. But it’s totally wrong. I dont mean an aggresive type of exercise, but please go for brisk-walk or just strolling along the beach. I’ve read somewhere that an active preggy mum will tend to get genius baby!! Isn’t that great? So, mums.. let’s get your lazy ass to the lake or park near your house. It’s not only good for health, but also for your relationship as you can spent a quality time with your husband…….
  • Drink a lot of water.. when i said A LOT, i’m not kidding.. I drank more that 5 Liters of plain water just to make sure i have enough liquid to moisten the stool… hahahaha… funny huh.. but of course this practice will make you visit the toilet more often. Owh ca’mon, take it positively.. It’s another way to exercise, right!!!

There some more i would to share.. but i think i’ll stop for now. as my husband already crawling beside me and give signal that he need the light to go off..

So good nite.. i’ll do some update later on…..take good care and have a sweetest dream…


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